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“Founders are driven to achieve a paradigm change, often by overcoming a tremendous amount of resistance to advance an idea only they can see.”

Entrepreneur  –  Scientist  –  Mentor

Jonathan Thon, Ph.D., is one of the most accomplished young entrepreneurs in the Cambridge, Mass., biotech community. As founder and CEO of Platelet BioGenesis, he took the startup from a concept in the lab to a preclinical Series A-1 company with more than 40+ employees.

Dr. Thon is among the most renowned platelet scientists in the world and the founding CSO of Platelet BioGenesis. His major contributions include the production of functional human platelets from stem cells, and invention of bioreactor platforms to scale cell culture.

As a professor and lecturer at Harvard Medical School, he has guided dozens of young students toward rewarding careers in medicine and biopharma. He is a frequent speaker at scientific conferences, entrepreneurship meetings and thought leadership events around the world.

  • Co-founder, founding CEO and CSO of
  • Raised >$100 million through multiple venture financing and non-dilutive government and agency grants.
  • Solved century-old problem of creating platelets on demand.
  • Proved that platelets can serve as a new therapeutic modality for drug delivery.
  • Winner of numerous awards for scientific and entrepreneurial excellence.
  • Proven leader in translational research and commercialization of cutting-edge science.